Aronia berry

Provides you with

Antioxidants, flavonoids, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins,
quinic acid, iron, vitamins

Medicinal Properties

• prevents the formation of free radicals
• removes the harmful heavy metals accumulated
as a result of environmental pollution
• strengthens the walls of blood vessels
• prevents cardiovascular disease
• regulates blood pressure
• reduces adverse effects of anticancer drugs and radiation
• reduces blood pressure due to the contributory affects of bioflavonoids
• improves and works on the tiniest blood vessels,
e.g. blood vessels in the eyes and around the hair follicles,
thus delaying the onset of eye diseases such as glaucoma,
cataracts and macular degeneration on the retina (AMD)
• reduces lipid oxidation, lowers levels of bad LDL
cholesterol, and increases HDL good cholesterol

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